discussion 1 The company I chose for this discussion is General Electric (GE) and the Ecomagination system. GE started the Ecomagination a $90 million campaign

discussion 1 The company I chose for this discussion is General Electric (GE) and the Ecomagination system. GE started the Ecomagination a $90 million campaign in 2005 and it was GE’s commitment to address challenges such as the need for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy, reduced emissions and abundant sources of clean water” ( The effort then was considered as greenwashing but since being introduced has provided GE with countless opportunities to reflect it’s corporate concern over the environment. Greenwashing refers to covering up environmentally problematic practices or making unsubstantiated, claims about positive impacts and false environmental advertising (Hammond & Christensen, 2016). GE has since proven that 10 years later efficiency and economics go hand in hand by building more efficient machines that produce energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clear water and cut its use. It has since generated $200 billion in revenue since it’s start in 2005 and is continuing to expand by partnering with more organizations to solve looming environmental and sustainability challenges (Egan, 2015). The ad is saying how much GE is investing in making the environment cleaner and friendlier after it caused pollution with toxic chemicals for almost three decades. The company has proven that it’s new system of technology has ed improve the environment and it wasn’t just advertising to find a way to clear their name of the problems it had caused, but has done a 180 in developing a strategy to continue in cleaning up the environment. Reference: Hammond, S. C., & Christensen, L. J. (2016). Corporate and social responsibility: Road map for a sustainable future. Retrieved from discussion 2 BUS250 – Corporate and Social Responsibility Week 3 – Discussion 1-Dawn Saves Wildlife Among all commercial for products and services with a positive environmental impact, I love the Dawn’s commercial the most. Dawn is the brand of dishwashing liquid by Procter & Gamble. (Dawn) In 2013 Dawn hold the campaign “ ” which demonstrate Dawn’s product benefits effective on oil grease, yet gentle on hands and bird features. The campaign introduced many commercials that wildlife experts have been using to clean animals caught in oil spills. The commercial showed ducks were cleaned from the oil by Dawn dish soap as well as penguins covered in oil and not able to swim. There were a ‘The Big Picture’ 9-Part documentary series on protect wildlife. (Michael Berg, 2013). The campaign was hold in response of the BP oil spill that led to 5,000 gallons of oil a day to spill into the Gulf of Mexico. There were thousands of animals covered in oil, water was polluted. During the campaign, Dawn was able to raise $500 000 and save tens of thousands of animals. These commercials authentically convey Dawn’s commitment to saving wildlife while also demonstrating key product benefits: has the grease cleaning power but still gentle with hand and wildlife. This was one of the most successful campaign that Dawn had done. It’s still Dawn’s commitment until this today and future. Best regards, Truc Nguyen References: Cleaning Oil Spills ‘Saving Lives’ Dawn TV Commercial, 2013 Dawn Dish Soap. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLU1wB1Tzkc https://dawn-dish.com/en-us Michael Berg, Chelsey Castellano, Linda Meier, Itza Rodriguez,Abigail Smart.An Original Case Study of Dawn “Save the Wildlife”. December 5, 2013. Retrieved from: Discussion 3 BUS250 – Corporate and Social Responsibility Week 3 – Discussion 2 – Economics of Recycling David “Cory” Knapp Managing how a respective organization’s operations impact the environment is a part of what CSR and sustainability are all about.  Companies will utilize an environmental management system (EMS) to manage its total environmental impact.  Hammond and Christensen (2016) explain that an EMS “is the set of systems and routines that firms use to identify and manage waste and pollution and understand how natural resources are used and allocated” (Section 5.2).  One important aspect of an EMS is recycling.  Recycling is not only a way to mitigate the amount of waste produced; it can have some economic incentives as well. For example the City of St. Louis spends $33.98 per ton to send trash to the landfill; however, it costs only $15.60 per ton to send materials to a recycling facility (Musumeci, 2016).  Not only is this saving the City of St. Louis money, but there are also economic benefits to the community as well.  This economic benefit to the community comes in the form of jobs as a recycling facility employs ten times more people than a landfill and in the St. Louis Metropolitan area there are 1,500 recycling businesses that employ 16,000 people (Musumeci, 2016).  Recycling has been good for business in the St. Louis area as well.  Companies have allied with waste management organizations to utilize recycled materials to develop products.  Companies like Fiberlite Technologies which opened a paper recycling drop off center to collect paper waste products used to make an innovative product called InCide Pest Control Insulation (Missouri Recycling Association, 2013).  New companies like NICE Rail Products join the alliance in the recycling effort as well with a brand new facility producing their Evertrak line of railroad ties made from recycled plastic (Sandavol, 2018).  With companies in the area committing to recycling and innovative companies utilizing recycled materials to create new products it seems that the St. Louis community is garnering some positive economic impacts with recycling. Respectfully Submitted, Cory References: Hammond, S. C., & Christensen, L. J. (2016). [Electronic version] Retrieved from Missouri Recycling Association. (2013). Recycling in Missouri: A 2013 Progress Report. Retrieved from Musumeci, E. (2016, April 19). How recycling s our local economy. Retrieved from http://stlcityrecycles.com/how-recycling-s-our-local-economy/ Sandaoval, D. (2018, February 18). Plastics recycler set to break ground in St. Louis. Retrieved from https://www.recyclingtoday.com/article/nice-rail-saint-louis-plastic-recycling/ Discussion 4 In the city, I live in Bakersfield we have residential curbside recycling for us to recycle things like paper, cardboard, or anything else that you think can be recycled. When it comes to motor oil from people doing their oil changes at home the city will come and pick it up for you at no charge or you can take it to different auto stores in town to drop it off and they will recycle it for you. We have a place where you can take your hazardous waste to for homeowners and businesses alike. The city of Bakersfield also has places where you can take your electronic waste for recycling. Here in our city we have businesses that will come to your business and get your building demolition waste, paper waste, and your business recycle their waste. If businesses don’t comply with recycling standards, they can be fined tens of thousands of dollars for not complying. I would say that the economics of recycling for everyone is good as we don’t fill up landfills and in turn, it does wonders for the environment. I would also say that businesses in our town have come together so that other recycling companies can pop up to on the demand for the market for recycling. I also wanted to mention that residential and businesses are collecting cans, bottles, and glass for themselves to either put money into their pockets or into other means. The other way the city is contributing to recycling is we now have a plastic bag ban at most stores we now must reuse our bags, or we can buy them for 10 cents. Here in Bakersfield, we are recycling to keep our city clean and to businesses here in our city to comply to keep the standards that were set up. I do think that there are economic incentives for recycling, so businesses do not get fined, and to lessen the carbon footprint on the environment so we can have a cleaner city. References:

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