Discussion Thread: Ergogenic aids are products that are meant to enhance performance. Advertising for ergogenic aids draw parallels to the way vitamins and supplements are

Discussion Thread: Ergogenic aids are products that are meant to enhance performance. Advertising for ergogenic aids draw parallels to the way vitamins and supplements are marketed, appealing to those who are health-conscious (and in the case of ergogenic aids, those who are also performance conscious) and looking for quick fixes to enhance performance. Examples of ergogenic aids are antioxidant supplements, beetroot juice, caffeine, carnitine, creatine, buffers, amino acid supplements, and whey protein. Many ads for these type of ergogenic aid products are often disguised as informative articles when in fact, they are just ads created to sell a product. Athletes and performance conscious people may be misled into thinking that these aids are what they need to get an extra edge in performance without actually focusing on training while also eating and sleeping well. Ergogenic aids, similar to vitamins and supplements, often avoid regulation, as well as legitimate research not supporting claims made by ergogenic aid ads. Because of this, it’s debatable as to whether or not they are necessary, let alone safe to take. It’s best to be cautious when relying on ergogenic aids. Hormone and hormone imitators are more controversial ergogenic aids compared to those mentioned above, such as human growth hormones, DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone, and others, like steroids, which are banned by most professional and amateur athletes and sports associations. These have serious health risks, that include mental and psychological problems, like aggression and even suicidal thoughts, swelling, acne, jaundice, heart attack, stroke, serious liver and kidney issues. In females, there can be fertility issues, deepening voice, enlargement of genitalia, while men can experience breast enlargement, shrinking of testes, sexual dysfunction, and fertility issues. With such serious health risks, it’s easy to see the possible risks outweigh any potential pros. According to Sizer and Whitney (2019), ergogenic agents are understood as agents that increase the performance of athletes, namely, increase body weight, reduce fatigue, or otherwise affect performance in sports. Of course, such funds are popular among athletes and not only. Any serious sport is a long-term, everyday work of an athlete on the way to success. And of course, the dream of many is to eat something and get a stunning result. However, most of these drugs either have unproven positive effects or, even worse, very serious side effects (Sizer & Whitney, 2019). The first group with an unproven or doubtful effect includes various kinds of additives containing, for example, caffeine, beet extract, carnitine, creatine, amino acid supplements, etc. Or energy drinks and energy shots are sugar-sweetened drinks in various concentrations with supposedly ergogenic ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, caffeine, guarana, carnitine, ginseng, and others. These drinks often contain a lot of caffeine or other stimulants, which is not beneficial for the human body when used frequently (Sizer & Whitney, 2019). But the scariest and most dangerous of these substances are hormonal supplements such as anabolic steroid hormones – chemical messengers associated with the male sex hormone testosterone that stimulates the growth of body tissue, the so-called anabolic effect or androstenedione – a precursor of testosterone that increases testosterone and estrogen levels in the blood. both men and women. The body’s natural steroid hormones stimulate muscle growth in response to physical activity in both men and women. According to Sizer and Whitney (2019), “injections of “fake” hormones increase muscle mass and strength, far beyond what can only be obtained by training, but with great health risks.” These drugs are dangerous and prohibited in sports. And you need to stay away from such drugs (Sizer & Whitney, 2019). Question:

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