Each one has different requirements. All the instructions are there. read each instructions. Each one has specific requirements. Quality practices in healthcare have relied heavily

Each one has different requirements. All the instructions are there. read each instructions. Each one has specific requirements. Quality practices in healthcare have relied heavily on regulatory/standards compliance and individual competence (people doing the right thing). These quality practices are also present in manufacturing industries; however, in manufacturing, the overwhelming focus is on management sciences—reducing process variation, meeting customer needs, and continuously improving. 1- Choose one article from the below list and develop an essay as per Syllabus guidelines to answer the above question. 2- Articles Colton, D. 2000. “Quality Improvement in Health Care: Conceptual and Historical Foundations.” 23 (1): 7–42. Merry, M., and G. Michael. 2001. “The Past, Present and Future of Health Care Quality.” 27 (5): 30–35. Available online: . Berwick, D. M. 2003. “Improvement, Trust, and the Healthcare Workforce.” 12 (suppl.1): i2–i6. Available online: . Griffith, J. R. 2009. “Finding the Frontier of Hospital Management.” 54 (1): 57–72; discussion 72–73. 3- Submit your Short Essay Assignment “Quality of Practice” under Turnitin Direct Assignment Link provided. 1- Search the National Quality Forum site (NQF) ( ). Click item “Quality Positioning System”. Once directed to this website you will identify five evidence-based performance measures related to prescribing the correct medications for patients. To find related measures  search on the word “medication,” and many measures will be listed. Many of these will meet the broad parameters of the question. (see below image from this site). 2- The measures should focus on choosing the right medication for a patient’s condition. List each measure, the organization or group that developed the measure, and the date the measure was published. 3- Develop your response following the Short Essay guidelines as per Syllabus. 4-  Submit essay under provided Turnitin Direct Assignment link. Most consumers expect quality in the delivery of health-care service— receiving the right treatments, experiencing good outcomes, etc. Student should revisit relevant sections of chapter one before answering this assignment. Whether consumers are actually using the data on the CMS website to select nursing homes and other providers is debatable. Below are some websites with articles and reports that discuss this subject: · Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. 2017. “Public Reports on Provider Performance for Consumers.” (three reports). Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. . · California Healthcare Foundation. 2012. “Value Judgment: ing Health Care Consumers Use Quality and Cost Information.” . · Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 2015. “Public Reporting of Health Care Quality Performance.” . · Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 2017. “Public Reporting of Health Care-Associated Infections.” . 1. To expand this discussion activity, the student must read one or more of the above resources (or other current references on this topic) and prepare a report on the advantages and drawbacks of public reporting of healthcare performance data. 2. Submit short essay response under Turnitin Direct link below. There are many articles in the literature describing improvement projects conducted in healthcare organization. In addition, below are some websites where improvement project examples can be found. There are many other sites with project examples. These sites can be located using search engines and key words such as “FADE” and “healthcare.” *Note: It may be hard to find FADE projects, as this model is no longer commonly used in healthcare organizations. 1. Many examples of improvement projects conducted by healthcare organizations can be found in the literature and on the Internet. 2. Find an example of each type of project (at least 3 examples in total): PDSA, RCI, FOCUS-PDCA, FADE, Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. 3. Compare your three examples and submit short essay under provided Turnitin Direct Assignment Link: · · §        What is similar about each project? §        What is different about each project?

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