For Assessment #1, six items are due: KWL Color coded textmap scroll of a textbook chapter Four Square Graphic vocabulary strategy used on 5 words from your textbook chapter Two

For Assessment #1, six items are due: KWL Color coded textmap scroll of a textbook chapter Four Square Graphic vocabulary strategy used on 5 words from your textbook chapter Two circle Venn diagram comparing your chapter to the sample chapter 8 question quiz on your chapter (2 literal question, 2 inferential question, 2 evaluative question, and 2 appreciative question) and answers Reflection on how this project went. submit all the following items for Assessment #1 in ONE document with multiple pages – either a Word doc, Google doc, PDF, Powerpoint, or Google slides: ***Use this space to post one sample of a Four Square Graphic vocabulary card that you created. Use an unknown word from your word list, Little Red Riding Hood, another class, your Shared Reading book, the news, or from anywhere. Just make sure that this is a word that you want to learn and don’t already know. Here’s a sample of a Four Square Graphic. Notice that it includes the vocabulary word written several times to practice spelling, a definition (try and use your own words to explain the meaning), a sentence using the word in context, and an image. For Assessment #1, you will find ten unknown words from our textbook chapter and create ten Four Square Graphics. They don’t have to be typed. You can create them by and and use your phone to upload your work into Assessment #1 at the end of this module. *** Use this space to post your Little Red story map. Effective story maps are detailed use images, color, and connections (arrows connecting each bubble). Your map is a graphic summary of the story, so be sure to include important information. comment on at least two other story maps noting similarities and differences between your map and other maps. *** Read about the KWL chart. A KWL chart is a graphic organizer designed to with learning. Each column is described below. Before reading, use this column to brainstorm what you know or think you know about a topic you are to learn. This will cause you to activate your schema, or background knowledge on a topic. This may also be a time when you are guessing about what the new topic is going to be about. These ideas you brainstormed are now out there, activated, causing you to be ready to make connections with new ideas, and therefore, obtain understanding when you read about the new topic. The K column is the “schema” column. Schema is everything you already know about a topic. : Under this column you are to brainstorm you have on the new topic before reading. Since these are questions create and not teacher questions or textbook questions given to you to answer, these questions, you come up with, will cause and/or to be developed. Why is this important? Well, as humans, we are all natural learners. Think about the last time you looked up something on the internet. There was a reason why you decided to do that. You either had a purpose (a need) or something sparked your interest to look up that information. Either way, this natural, innate sense caused you to look into something and learn it whether it was information on a sport’s event or players or information regarding a trip or location. Since you either had this purpose or an interest on the topic you also, therefore, probably experienced a high level of comprehension of the information you read. You probably were able to also easily remember the information because of this high level of comprehension due to your initial interest and purpose. Creating your own questions before reading or learning a new topic can be a big , especially when you have no background knowledge on the topic. Your questions s with focus, concentration, and therefore, comprehension because you may now have questions you want answers to. During or after reading, under the L column you check your understanding of the new topic by including all of the important information you learned. To ensure that you understood the information, you want to make sure to write the information in your own words, break down the information, and use brief phrases.

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