Identify the issue in each of the following questions to be: ( MORAL, CONCEPTUAL, APPLICATION, or FACTUAL). Q-1[1 mark] Law protects people property and wealth. A person tries to convince

Identify the issue in each of the following questions to be: ( MORAL, CONCEPTUAL, APPLICATION, or FACTUAL). Q-1[1 mark] Law protects people property and wealth. A person tries to convince you to be his partner in a profitable commercial project for both of you. So he starts by asking you to pay 1,000,000 in advance to him to start your project. When investigated about the person you found out that he is a big Fraudful person. Should you join or not? Q-2[1 mark] A thief has been interrogated for stealing a villa belonging to a rich man. Unfortunately the upcoming natural and sudden death of the rich man made it difficult to identify the thief as the burglar as he insist on that he found the money which they always say. Q-3[1 mark] A very popular burglar (thief) has been captured with QR 2000 in his custody. The police man says that he has stolen this money and he did not earned it. The Burglar says it has been transferred to him by his father from Singapore in Bank Transfer form and he can prove it. Q-4[1 mark] Salem is a new engineer working in Ashgaal. s job involves selecting Suppliers for some needed components . One of the suppliers invites Salem to his own Restaurant for a dinner with him to discuss some important issues in their work. s boss knew about the invitation and says that this invitation is a bribe and he should not accepted it in advance. Q-5[1 mark] Ahmad is a quality engineer whose job is to make sure that quality of products manufactured from his manufacturing plant satisfies the GCC standard of that product. s plant is making rolls of industrial wires with different endurances , sizes, lengths, and insulations. When he was making a test on recently manufactured roll, he noticed that it failed specification standard and it is no longer can be fixed, so it was a big waste of money and time for his company (which makes him responsible). Ahmad accuses the technician of playing with the machine program. The technician swears that the program is correct but the machine is faulty and it was the reason. Q-6[1 mark] Jassim is an electrical engineer working in a factory manufacturing gh Power Transmission Wires. According to the GCC specifications and standard of gh Power Transmission Wires, Wires must withstand the electric load applied the heat generated from 20 KV to 30 KV load, with minimum noticeable damage, . Jassim made the next experiment: No wires got fire or had their insulation melted for 20 KV load test, but only 15% of the wires got its insulation melted a little bit with some smelling smoke, when the load applied was 30 KV. Jassim is thinking to redesign the wires plus the insulation. Is he doing the right thing or it may be alright for him to go ahead with the old wires without a change? Q-7[2 marks] Michelin, the famous tire manufacturer, has a safe tire product that you can know more about it in the next link: [] “The Michelin PAX is an automobile run-flat tire system that utilizes a special type of rim and tire to allow temporary use of a wheel if its tire is punctured. The core of Michelin’s PAX system is the semi-rigid ring installed onto the rim using special equipment. It provides support to the tire and its sidewall to allow emergency operation at limited speed until such time the tire can be replaced”. [] The GCC Authority for Industrial Regulations and Standards, has approved those tires to be used in all the GCC countries for reasons of safety. It will save the lives of the motorist when tires got punctured in moderate and high speed driving. It will be assume that:  Reduce mortality by 50%.  We have 4000 mortality cases every year cause by tires punctures.  The number of motorist using the cars are 12 Millions.  Every driver drives 20,000 Km/Year. But the cost for every car owner will be 3,000 QR. A- How many lives will be saved if all drivers adopted this new safety system in their vehicles? B- will be the cost per life saved? Q-8[2 marks] If in The USA, there are 1,000,000 people decided to take airplanes in all their journeys instead of cars, then if the a typical American individual drives 15,000 miles/year and flies 1800 miles/year. Let assume the individual cost him $1.0/mile more if have chosen to fly, then: A. How many lives will be saved? B. How much will be the price per a life saved? nt: The student will need to refer to Table 3.1.

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