Imagine that you have recently been hired as the health promotion specialist by a large company to coordinate their worksite wellness program. You are the

Imagine that you have recently been hired as the health promotion  specialist by a large company to coordinate their worksite wellness  program. You are the first health promotion specialist ever hired by  this company in this capacity. This position was created by the  president of the company because she recently read an article in a  magazine that said worksite wellness programs can boost profits. The  company is doing well overall financially, but the president has  concerns that worker absenteeism, health insurance costs, and employee  morale are affecting profits. She thinks a company wellness program can   address these issues. Your supervisor is the director of Human  Resources. He does not have a background in health promotion and  education or worksite wellness and is relying on you to create their  program from the ground up. Your supervisor has asked you to create a  full program plan proposal to submit to the board of directors for  approval and give a three to five minute presentation to the board  regarding your plan. You have been given a $50,000 provisional budget to  use to create your program. You should utilize the content from your  weeks 2 and 3 discussions related to the same scenario to you  prepare your plan. Your final submission should be an actual plan that  you would submit to a board of directors for consideration and a video  (via YouTube or a screencast) presentation to the board. To  begin, you should select a company for which you are fictitiously  working as the basis for your plan. This can be an imagined or real  company. Your plan should include a brief description of the company,  the employees, and how your work as the health promotion specialist is  integrated into the company. (Remember to cite your sources correctly if  you utilize information from an actual company.) You have been provided  (fictitious) data  regarding the company employees, and you should use it as the basis for  the plan you will create. Your plan should include an analysis of how  the data supports your proposed program components.  write your assignment as a program plan that you would actually submit  to the board (id. Not as a formal academic paper. Your program plan  should include the program mission statement, at least three program  goals, at least two objectives related to each goal (so at least six  objectives total), and at least one intervention/strategy/activity  related to each objective. For each goal, objective, and  intervention/strategy/activity, provide a brief rationale for why you  included this in the plan. Your plan must also include appropriate  evaluation strategies. For each objective and  intervention/strategy/activity, you should include at least two  evaluation components (so at least 12 evaluation components total).  Explain each evaluation component and how the data for each component  will be collected. Lastly, include a budget (one page listing all  expenditures) and a budget rationale that explains each budget line  item. The budget should explicitly describe how you will spend the  money. Your total budget may not exceed $50,000. Your final written plan should: PART I PART II Then, using the written plan you created as a  basis, create a three to five minute video or screencast* of you  presenting the plan to the board of directors for approval. Create your  presentation exactly as you would if you were doing it “live” in front  of the board of directors of the company. Include a link to your video  or screencast in your final submission. The presentation should: The Worksite Wellness Program Plan and Video Presentation

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