Name School This training manual is made for the teacher teaching students in the class. The manual explains the steps to be carried out while in the class setting and

Name School This training manual is made for the teacher teaching students in the class. The manual explains the steps to be carried out while in the class setting and how to make the students be interested in learning. Also covered are the activities that ensure the students are well covered in the classroom settings. Along with the theoretical work, the teacher has implemented various ways of capturing attention and ensuring the students do their learning without any hiccup.  Tactics such as engaging the students at the students level for example coming to class with what students like most; a ball to ease attention of the students, and thereafter asking them grammar questions not only makes the students relaxed but also strengthens the bond between the students and the teachers. Another method is to let the students do the homework by themselves, and using other students to do the homework. Letting the students learn from other students eases the tension that might be created in class and s the students know that they learn can be understood and is not from heaven. The learners from this school need to learn a lot on English grammar and other elements the language. Learning language can be done through many perspectives including storytelling, asking questions and giving the grammar tests. Another element the students were subjected to is time management. Time management is essential in student growth and learning curve, that is why time management is a skill that must be inculcated to the students. A sample lesson starts with the teacher greeting the students and the teacher asking them if there is something they lack in class. The students are then taken through a story outlining the grammar requirements of the students. After this, they answer few questions from the context of the story. The teacher can then ask the students’ verbal queries from the story. From this point, the teacher gives the written quiz. Another teacher can come in and the students or a senior student can come and the students in answering their queries.  In other cases, when the students learn from the chapter of a book, the teacher will them read through the chapters and also the students to answer the questions from the textbook. While answering the questions, the students were placed in a group of five students, each with the one person reading as others follow.  In one group, the students can discuss the contents of the book and later come up with their own understanding of the book. During this time the teacher monitors the progress of every group and notes their difficulties and s them to address these difficulties. At times, the teachers employ the use of technology in class in order to give a class a different setting. For example, the use of Microsoft PowerPoint may increase the imagination of the students and raise their curiosity in learning. This technique is employed when teaching a syllabus which can be too difficult to handle or might be boring to teach. The course contents includes items such as Grammar, life skills; for example stress management, social and organization issues like personal organization like m and ensuring that the student have all the books bought and kept well, cleanliness and other related issues like time management and class attendance. The students need to ensure that they manage their time well and all other subroutines they undertake in class.  The grammar and vocabulary form a major part of the class learning with every class the teacher introducing a different vocabulary and asking the meaning of the vocabulary. Another subject area is the essence of critical thinking. The students need to learn a various aspect of critical and creative thinking.  Critical thinking is essential in handling daily decision-making processes like assignments, students also need to develop argumentative skills at an early age in order to synthesize information and arrive at the conclusive conclusion. This element of life is very ful in the work place and the careers and while looking for a job. The students should be able to choose from the pool of careers which one suits them most by searching the internet. There are several methods of interactions which are very clear from the text. Teachers employ different methods while interacting with the student. One interaction methods employed is the use of face to face, where a teacher teaches using oral presentation. The other interaction method is using objects which make the teacher be familiar with the students. The attitude includes teaching students while carrying a ball or a toy which pupils love. While encouraging the students to learn how t speak, lectures are very important. The teacher can stand before the pupils and deliver a speech. The students can be given a chance to express themselves by speaking inform of other students. This mode of interaction gives students a good chance of gaining the much-needed confidence both at the workplace and the community. Another way of interaction is through ing the students through their homework. This type of interaction s the students to gain insight of the problem from the teacher’s point of view. Students, in general, have different ways for learning and achieving their goals. Some students learn quickly while others need different techniques of teaching to achieve the same goals. Other students do not have time to learn and use the school as playing ground. At the end of the learning curve, all these students need to pass their exams (, 2015). This makes teaching difficult. Teachers through their learning have difficulty  in creating a relationship with students and makes controlling the students very difficult. There is a study which argues that a classroom which is not well organized and students not engaged in the study will always have disruption when the pupils are in that class. Through ing the students in their homework, the teacher monitors the students in order to become aware of the difficulties the students are having in the subject area. Be it fear, confusion or just not being aggressive, the teacher can use close interaction to know how to deal with the pupils.  Once the pupil’s problem is known, the teacher will be more patient with the student and make the child feel more secure and keep quiet when learning is taking place in the classroom., 2015). There is the need for a good classroom organization. This s a lot when students need to develop their skills and regulate their behaviors as they become grown up adults., 2015), 2015) For the students to get the best out of their learning activities, they need to have the interest in learning activities.  Such activities include; Behavior management —how do teachers prevent, redirect and redirect the behavior of the student. Productivity — this measure how well the classrooms run and how the routines are respected by the students. And the degree to which the teachers provide the directions to maximize the students time spent on these activities. Concept development — this is how teachers use instructions and discussions and other activities to promote the students high-order thinking skills and cognition in contrast to focusing on mere instructions. Teachers should also value the feedback from the students. A quality feedback is essential for the student growth and monitoring the students’ progress. Above all the student should have their language modeled in such a way that will encourage the students to move to the next level of their learning curve. This manual contains a lot of information on the teaching approaches that should be used by the tutors in preparing their students in the classroom. It gives the basic overviews  of the required elements in teaching and training (, 2015). The sections covered include basic teacher- student interaction that will shape the future of the students. This manual is very important for teachers and instructors both of whom want to know the best instructional methods that could be applied in the teaching environment.,. (2015). . Retrieved 30 November 2015, from,. (2015). . Retrieved 30 November 2015, from,. (2015).

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