reply 1 Everyone, I have selected my title for this discussion as “IVS-12”. This is the control ID in cloud controls matrix sheet for the

reply 1 Everyone, I have selected my title for this discussion as “IVS-12”. This is the control ID in cloud controls matrix sheet for the control domain “Infrastructure & Virtualization Security Wireless Security”. COBIT 5.0 is the framework I have chosen to support its scope and applicability for complying the security policies and principles. The processes “APO01.08, APO13.01, APO13.02, DSS02.02, DSS05.02, DSS05.03, DSS05.04, DSS05.05, DSS05.07, DSS06.03, DSS06.06” comes under this framework for enterprise management, governance, service delivery and support (COBIT). Under this control domain to achieve security controls a well architected security policy framework and business continuity processes needs to be established and followed. Currently, I am working for a software driven networking company which manufactures network switches and also establishing sound place in cloud market in selling virtual EOS router images. For maintaining security controls, we have established and following security policies as follows: Operational management policy, Business continuity policy, Change control policy, Third party management policy. We are following below processes which supports COBIT5.0 framework for achieving the security controls. reply 2 The Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is explicitly intended to give crucial security standards to manage cloud merchants and to forthcoming cloud clients in surveying the general security danger of a cloud supplier. The CSA CCM gives a controls structure that gives nitty gritty comprehension of security ideas and rules that are adjusted to the Cloud Security Alliance direction in 13 areas. The establishments of the Cloud Security Alliance Controls Matrix lay on its redid relationship to other industry-acknowledged security models, guidelines, and controls systems, for example, the ISO 27001/27002, ISACA COBIT, PCI, NIST, Jericho Forum and NERC CIP and will expand or give inward control bearing to support association control reports confirmations given by cloud suppliers. Benchmark security prerequisites will be set up for created or procured, organizationally-claimed or oversaw, physical or virtual, applications and foundation framework and system parts that agree to appropriate legitimate, statutory, and administrative consistence commitments. Deviations from standard benchmark arrangements must be approved after change the executives strategies and systems preceding sending, provisioning, or use. Consistence with security pattern prerequisites must be reassessed in any event every year except if a substitute recurrence has been set up and approved dependent on business needs.

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