The quiz is available now through Wednesday at 11:59pm. The exam is scheduled for Friday and will be available for about 24hours (from 12:00am –

The quiz is available now through Wednesday at 11:59pm.  The exam is scheduled for Friday and will be available for about 24hours (from 12:00am – 11:55pm).  The quiz will consist of 25 multiple choice and true/false questions that cover the major concepts from chapters 1 through 5 in your ARQ text.  You may want to review the presentations to prepare for the quiz. On your exam you will be required to analyze an argument using the model from your ARQ text by answering the critical questions we have been studying.  In addition, you will be required to answer some multiple choice questions that will demonstrate your depth of understanding regarding the analysis that you have done. The following is a sample analysis of the article that you analyzed in your groups last week. I would like you to compare it with your group post.  It may you to see some points that you may have overlooked in the article, or perhaps point out some things that you included that may not have been in direct support of the author’s conclusion. Issue: Should state run lotteries be banned? Conclusion:  Yes, the states should not be in the business of urging people to gamble. Reasons: are and underlined in the reasoning. Value Conflicts: vs.  risk taking vs. increased revenue vs. novelty vs. individual responsibility (the author’s value preferences) are and underlined in the value conflicts. Descriptive Assumptions: In the section of your course site you will find all of the materials you should need for this week.  Included in this section is a: to keep you organized; to the quiz #1; titled, It’s a Job for Parents, Not the Government; of an analysis of the practice article; Exam 1 –Analysis link; Exam 1 – Analysis Worksheet; The worksheet that you will be using for the exam is available now and you may even want to use it as you practice for the exam so that you get used to the format.  You will not be able to access the article or the questions on Exam 1 until Friday. You should plan to take the quiz early in the week.  You have already read all of the material that will be covered in the quiz (ARQ Chapters 1 through 5). To take the quiz you should click on the link provided and answer the questions.  You will have 60 minutes to complete the quiz.  When you have finished answering the questions click submit and finish.  Your quiz is due by Wednesday at 11:59pm.  Your score and feedback on the quiz will be available after the due date. To prepare for the exam, you should use the practice article provided in the Week 6 section.  The article is titled, “It’s a Job for Parents, Not the Government.”  I recommend that you read the article and view the presentation to get an overview of what will be expected of you on the exam.  You will be analyzing the argument presented in the article by answering the critical questions we have been studying.  The Analysis Worksheet will provide a good model for you to follow as you critically read each paragraph.   If you find you are having difficulty with a particular critical question, go back to that chapter in the ARQ text and review the information.  There are also practice exercises at the end of each chapter that can be ful.  Once you have completed your analysis, you will be required to apply your understanding of the author’s argument to answer a series of multiple choice questions.  Be sure to submit your answers to the exam questions as well as your analysis worksheet.

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