THE USE OF BLOGS AND/OR OPINION PIECES IS UNACCEPTABLE. If your citation has “blog” or “opinion” in the URL you will receive a 0. YOUR

THE USE OF BLOGS AND/OR OPINION PIECES IS UNACCEPTABLE. If your citation has “blog” or “opinion” in the URL you will receive a 0. YOUR COMMENTARY WILL NOT EVEN BE READ. Why? Bloggers and editorials (opinions) are held to a completely different standard of reporting. That is, they are held to no standard of reporting at all. Social communication has its value, but that does not make it journalism. You will not receive credit for questionable sources. NO EXCEPTIONS! YOU MUST locate the moral issue within a CURRENT BUSINESS PRACTICE in a local, national, or international news source published within 4 weeks of turning in the assignment. Appropriate on-line sources include (but are not limited to),, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Reuters, etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WEBSITES PREVIOUSLY LISTED DO CONTAIN BLOGS!!!! Be that as it may, THE USE OF BLOGS AND/OR OPINION PIECES IS UNACCEPTABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are not able to confidently satisfy all the requirements I highly suggest that you find a different article. If you use a source other than an on-line newspaper (magazine, newspaper, etc) you must provide a citation in accordance with APA format AS DEFINED SPECIFICALLY BY YOU MUST PLACE YOUR CITATION AT THE TOP OF YOUR SUBMISSION. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF 0. NO EXCEPTIONS! DO NOT ask to make changes to you submission once you have submitted it. DO NOT ask for due to a Black Board error if you waited till the last 5minutes to submit your commentary. As a human being I may sympathize, however, as your professor I DO NOT CARE. Moreover, I do not care about time zone mishaps, computer problems, jobs, or Internet issues. I do understand that mistakes happen, and I have no problem working with you to fix those mistakes/Black Board errors. However, this is only if you are proactive, you do not wait until the last minute to ask for , and you do not continue to have the exact same problem, again, and again, and again. Eventually, it becomes obvious that these are not cases of you at the mercy of externals; instead, they are simple cases of operator failure. Strive to get better, not bitter! Moral of the story…your procrastination will not be rewarded, neither with open arms, nor a soft heart. Now, for the instructions proper:Take this as your template, that is, YOU MUST FORMAT YOUR ASSIGNMENT IN THE EXACT SAME WAY. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A LOW GRADE. Source: Insert URL (NO URL NO CREDIT!!!!!! AND NO BLOGS!!!). Section 1: Summarize the news article. Identify all the issues involved. Be sure to include conflicts between one value and another. Tell me who is being affected, and exactly how they are being affected; do not be vague. Section 2 2a) STATE AND EXPLAIN THE MORAL ISSUE! Why is this a real issue that I should care about? It is not enough to say “stealing is bad and therefore not moral” or “this is an obvious moral issue” or “it is wrong to treat people like this”. Explain to me why it is immoral, for example, why is stealing bad? Try to use terms/ideas from class and the readings to prove to me how and why this is, in fact, a moral issue. Show me you attend class and that you pay attention. YOU MUST CONVINCE ME THAT THIS IS A MORAL ISSUE! 2b) You must identify a CORRELATION (preferably more than one) BETWEEN THE MORAL ISSUE AND THE NATURE OF BUSINESS ITSELF. What are the specific features of business that give rise to the(se) moral issue(s), and how do/did they generate the kind of situation(s) you identify within the article? Consider the following short list (there are many more) of possible pressures: profit margin, corporate culture, competition between companies, competition within companies, legislative manipulation, the nature of the fiduciary relationship(s) between employers, employees, customers, shareholders, and/or stakeholders, losing site of the big picture, etc. If the correlation is indirect, you MUST make the connection to business as clear as possible. Failure to do so will result in a low grade. Section 3: Tell me what you believe should be done about this Moral dilemma and how YOU would go about it fixing it. DO NOT JUST SAY “I think they should be given the maximum jail time.” Tell me your suggestions and EXPLICATE the steps needed to prevent this from happening again.

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